A Writer's story

"I love working around realtors ever since my days as a loan officer in 2005." ~ Eve Grzadzinski-Grey

Meet Eve

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After several years of working at marketing and advertising agencies, I became very drained — the environment was crushing my hopes and passion.  The daily grind of the fast-paced corporate abyss had finally gotten me. However, something was brewing in me that changed my life forever. 

I decided to offer writing services to people who either didn't know how to write or wanted to save time and money by hiring a professional. Today, this has been a viable answer to continue serving others while doing what I do best, which is to write.  While many can be decent writers, entrepreneurs are busy trying to run a business. What I do is save small to medium business owners the hassle of writing blogs, putting together presentations, help brand their company and more. 

 My clients are also B2B and prefer working with freelance artists. There's no need to hire full-time employees. There's no worker's compensation or benefits. I partner with these businesses as a work for hire or contracted vendor. While hiring vendors is nothing new, this business model is beneficial for most. I allow my client's freedom; they need to run their offices without the hassle of being an employer. 

On the contrary, even though topics change, my work ethic never does. I'm thrilled knowing I made the "WRITE" CHOICE, becoming a copywriter. That choice has given me tons of knowledge on a variety of subjects from dental implants to HVAC systems.  

Over the last 5-years, I've written over 587,230 words, which is more than "War and Peace."  With each stroke of the keys, I revel in every project no matter how menial. 

"Today, I continue to work, providing my creative, standing strong, proud, and rewarded with every new task."

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts and ideas for working together. Call me today.