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Writing Policy

Customer Care

As a long term, professional customers are the life-blood of my business. I strive to make everyone happy and give them the results they deserve. My goal is to make the process easy on the client. As a professional, I strive to create original, fresh content. As always, my mission is to provide you with a clean copy free of errors, upholding the integrity of the English language.


If you find spelling errors or some other type of writing issue, don't hesitate to contact me to resolve any problems that may occur. My writing is generally 99% accurate. While there is an occasional typo, there's no stress and I ensure up to 3-edits on any service. FREE of charge. 

Although I'm meticulous, there's always a possibility of a 'snaf-fu.' I will make it a priority to give you clean, content without plagiarism or use deceptive practices.

Privacy & Safety

At The Write Boutique, your privacy and safety are at the top of our concern. We don't share your private information including login credentials or any confidential knowledge. 

Your proprietary is sacred and we keep a close eye on how to manage your company's privacy and safety when it comes to innovation. 

Also, as a representative of your business, it's our obligation where the integrity of the company and its mission takes precedence.  We respond to customer messages and answer any inquiries or reviews in a timely manner. 

Blogging and social media campaigns often have deadlines. We understand when you want to accomplish your goals. Meeting tight turn around times is another service and we do our best to meet your needs. However, we do charge additional fees when necessary. As each of our clients is a top-priority we want to give everyone equal attention.


An upcharge of 25% is attached to rush orders to ensure you receive your products on time. This policy ensures the safety of our other clients. 


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments





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