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  • Eve Grzadzinski Grey

You Don't Need Social Media to Sell Real Estate

Updated: Mar 1

But, What Happens When You Don't Use Social Media for Your Customers?

Realtors Need Social Media These Days

It's surprising to learn Social Media has only been around for 17-years. The release of Myspace in 2003 changed the perception and way we do things. A year after, the explosion of Facebook and other platforms burst through our screens, and our way we view the world will never to be the same. However, realtors and small business owners sometimes struggle with the use of social media. Let's face it, you don't need social media to sell real estate but what happens when you don't use it for your customers?

While this may sound dramatic, imagine Gen Y and Z no longer having access to the Internet? Did you get the warm fuzzies? Statistics show, Gen Z, the centennials are the first generation to live entirely with the Internet, advancing the next decade for those looking to buy or sell a home with even newer technology.

But for realtors who are now serving millennials, you have to use some form of online communication to reach this demographic. And if you, yourself are young, starting a career serving the next-gen, you'll need to know what happens if you stop using things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now the infamous duo Snapchat and TikTok.

"I've watched the digital media industry grow over the years and am still blown away by how many people don't use things like Facebook effectively." E. Grzadzinski Grey

Most will agree it's tough to manage working a full-time job and create content for your business. But, your competition may be beating you in this arena?

Let's take a look at what happens when people land on a less than desirable page. If someone does a search in Facebook or Google for real estate services, they will click on the source if there's a match. The potential customer will scan what they're seeking. Most people will swipe to the next realtor or business if nothing is piquing their interest. You need to have helpful information, nice professional pictures and eye catching content creating desire to take the next step and hire you.

"Often, when I analyze a business I see clients posting bad copywriting, no photos, misspelled words and downright inappropriate content altogether. Even worse, sometimes there's no posting at all.
Its' about perception and what your customers think when the last post was over 2-years ago." ~Eve

Most customers will look at a page and think the person is unprofessional and doesn't care. The user might even assume you're no longer in business. It happens, but there's always solutions.

Social Media is a Chance for You To Get In Front of Your Customers

Perception is key to understanding why you need to put yourself on the Internet. While you don't need social media to sell real estate, you do need your clients to find you and think your better than your competitors.

You can achieve a healthy online presence, focusing on your brand and making it stand out. When a customer is searching for your services they're trying to see if they connect or relate to you. With a nice looking creative approch clients stack up rather than running away.

If you're going to reach the next generation of customers, then social needs to be a part of your marketing mix. By not finding the relevance in what I'm saying will only cost you to lose your competition. Let's get this done, right by embracing the use of social media to sell more product and services and stop being silent. People want to hear from you. I promise.

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