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Why Realtors Fail at Blogging

Updated: Mar 1

Real Estate Blogs are some of the Best Content for Attracting New Clients

Blogging is by far one of the best ways to attract new clients and gain a following. When you write informative articles that contain keywords its music to the ears of Google. However, too many realtors fail at blogging because they aren't sure how to do a good post. Creating content may not be your talent, but by not using this form of digital media you're missing every note of the song. Here are some things you need to know:

Plan out your blogs.

Many agents spend their time prospecting and maintaining a real estate business. Time is of the essence and if you're going to make it in your profession having a comprehensive plan is imperative. Be sure to use a content calendar to plan out your topics to make your planning more essential. Also, it saves you the time of wondering what to put on your website.

Use the 80/20 Rule for Creating Your Content

Some agents think their website should only consist of listings and information about the market. However, if you use some creativity you'll find a ton of subject matter you can write about making your site more enjoyable for your followers. Post 80% real estate and the other 20% should be used for relevant topics. Some ideas would be "How I Got Started as a Realtor" or The Top-10 Places to visit in ____ City. In other words, don't post about real estate constantly as your readers may get bored.

Use a LOT of Photos and Video

Successful realtors utilize a ton of photos and video to help trump algorithms. Photos and videos are HUGE when it comes to creating traffic to a website. Don't skimp on adding images and use proper keywords, alt text, and a good caption to make your blogs more interesting. More importantly, you'll be attracting new followers because they'll want to see more of you've got.

Writing and Copywriting are Different

Writing is vital to any blog post but so is the headline. Find eye-catching ways to create a good topic and don't be so concerned with the Grammar. Read any headline in a newspaper or magazine article and you'll see they use caps a lot and sometimes throw in extra things like upside-down question marks. The deal is if you don't have a smashing in your face headline, you won't get a reader. Copywriting is much different than the English you learned in school. Take a class, read a book but for Pete's sake, write a good headline!

Last, you need a website or landing page with a blog section.

A lot of the real estate clients who have company websites don't always have the ability to do blogs. That's a shame and if you're one of those folks who have a FREE website from a place like HomeSmart, for instance, you won't get the same attention as you will if you have your own site. With online website services like Wix or Wordpress, you can build a website for next to nothing and you'll have control over what you can add.

These are a few things realtors should know to take advantage of the online traffic. You can scale your business with blogs as long as you know how to write them and post appropriately. If all else fails, hire a professional like The Write Boutique where we specialize in blogs for agents. Let's talk it over? 619-288-9350






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