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Why Most Realtors Fail at Social Media

Updated: Mar 1

Hey Realtor, You're Not Alone:

With today's busy world realtors are constantly on the move scoping new properties to sell, finding clients, doing mountains of paperwork, answering a sea of emails and phone calls, who has time to add more? Moreover, social media is constantly evolving where one day you'll think you're smarter than the kids only to find they've changed the entire interface Facebook, again. Or if you're like many agents out there you take a look at social media and scratch your head saying "We didn't use this stuff back in the day, it's just a fad." Well, I'm here to tell you, that couldn't be further from truth. These are just a few reasons realtors fail at social media. If you're nodding your head right now it may be because you agree and this post is for you. Read on to learn more.

As a Realtor, You're Not Alone

1st Reason Realtors Fail at Social Media is because they think they don't believe it works. With billions of users on places like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, its highly unlikely not one person in history has ever bought or sold a house using this type of marketing. If you find yourself closing the door to social media you're also closing the door for potential business.

2nd Reason Realtors Fail at Social Media is because they hire companies who claim big pay-offs without proof. But, let it be known, if your marketing person claims to make you a millionaire over night you'll be disappointed. The Write Boutique will never over promise and under deliver.

There are no guarantees in digital media, but through time you will see results.

Your Calendar will be full of future clients

3rd Reason Realtors Fail at Social Media may be because they think posting on a monthly basis is going somewhere. A healthy online presence includes posting, every day with relevant content your followers like and are interested. The more often you post the more followers you'll gain. There's no short cuts.

4th Reason Realtors Fail at Social Media is because they don't use their ad spend correctly. Boosted posts aren't always the best solution. You might reach a few people but the place where agents are successful is Facebook's business manager. You have access to more options and there is a better algorithm generating your ads.

Time is of the Essence with marketing real estate

5th and Biggest Reason Realtors Fail at Social Media is time. If you're a dedicated real estate professional your time is 'spread out to next year.' Most agents fail at social media for a lack of spending the time nurturing their online reputation. One second you post something and three months later you remember you haven't posted anything since last quarter.

"I once found an active business who hadn't posted anything in 3-years and thought they went out of business" ~prospect

The best part about failing at your social media is you can improve and take control. If your time is too thin to pay attention, then hire a reputable company to do it for you. If you don't understand social media and it's power, delegate to someone who does to help you win. And if you don't believe it works, give it a solid 6-months and re-evaluate. The Write Boutique offers a comprehensive game plan to overcome these obstacles so you can get back to what you do best, working with your clients.

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