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  • Eve Grzadzinski Grey

Why Blogs Aren't A Waste of Your Time

Updated: Mar 1

Blogging for Real Estate is a Big Deal

Agents Who Blog are 10x More Likely to Gain New Clients than Those Who Don't

If you're a realtor who thinks blogging is a waste of time, then this article is for you. Many people assume blogs are just for the younger generation or influencers, but the agent who utilizes blogs to leverage their business tend to be successful. Here's some reasons why:

The words in your blog act as magnets in the world of search engines

Blogs are full of magnetic keywords that help customers find you online. When you carefully construct an article that has valuable information your clients are searching for, Google indexes your text and helps pair up the search. There are both long tail and short tail keywords in blogs which helps the search engine spiders crawl and find what the inquirer is seeking. It works like a charm as people will type things such as "How much is my home worth in Colorado?" Let's assume you have a blog with this type of dialogue, there's a good chance anyone seeking this info will locate your content because there's a good match. The least that could happen is you'll come up on the first page which is always vital.

Meet more customers who trust you by blogs

Blogging makes the agent look like the expert in their field

Even if you're new to the real estate business, a blog can help position you as an expert in your field. If you offer content that is informative and educational, you'll find more people will want to work with you. You can outline a list of concerns your buyers or sellers may have and write about those topics. By covering what they're thinking you're looking to solve their problems. Isn't that more valuable than posting LOOK AT MY LISTINGS or CHECK OUT MY FIRST CLIENT PROPERTY? Blogging can help you stay real to your potential homebuyers and sellers making you their hero.

Real Estate Blogs Open More Doors

Weekly blogs tend to create more followers with potential clients

An SEO genius once described blogging like someone ringing the dinner bell letting Google know it's time to eat. While I found the description a bit quirky, I'll admit it makes perfect sense. Blogs will help you gain more followers since Google is more apt to push you upward in the search pages. But, people who like your content will share and spread the word even more. Never underestimate the power of a blog.

Fresh Content is How Real Estate Agents Rank on Google

Blogs juice up your website with new and fresh content which is what Google Craves

Whether you're writing a review on a neighborhood or posting about a new listing, you'll have plenty of content in your back pocket which Google smells and helps create a buzz. However, it's up to you to make the reader's time worthwhile. How do you approach that with a blog? Pay attention:

  1. Create a Compelling Headline that Punches them in the Face

  2. Answer their questions with facts and links to other important websites

  3. Have a Call to Action

These are valuable blogging tools that are 'must have' in your articles for you to successfully achieve that buzz. Also, make the blog look interesting as people only scan a page and aren't going to read the thing to it's entirety. Put your own spin on it and show off your personality. I love when agents will use humor or talk about hobbies because it makes them real.

Set time aside to blog or hire a ghostwriter. Once you start blogging and gain some followers they'll want you to post on a regular schedule. If you don't have time or aren't sure how to set that up, then contact Eve at The Write Boutique for assistance. Until then, I hope you found this to be helpful and want to subscribe to learn more:)






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