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What is Entrepreneurial Power or EP?

Updated: Mar 1

How Realtors Gain Strength

Today's real estate agent must possess strength, discipline, tenacity and a

whole lot of other characteristics to hold stamina, I felt this is an important article. Entrepreneurial Power or E.P. is something you can't live without in your business. But, before we dive into what entrepreneurial power is, let's break down what it isn't?

Being a leader in your field doesn't mean you hold a title. What's in a title anyway? Does having a title define who you are? Does it add to the organization of a business? Or is it just a few letters that make up a word? Authority, control and supremacy isn't the answer either and if you're hoping your EP makes you above the rest, think again. Entrepreneurial Power is so much more than ultimate control.

Agents who have clarity, are able to influence others and possess energy as well as confidence hold the key to E.P. The realtor who is creative and implements his/her ideas understands how to optimize time and benefits along with those around them.

Teamwork and Empowering Others is E.P.

As a realtor you're an entrepreneur who values both your clients and your team. If you possess E.P. you're open to finding solutions no matter where they come from.

Agents make an impact on their customers and those around them. You aren't in the business of buying and selling houses. You're in the business of helping your customers become homeowners or solve a problem. You make dreams come true and take your homeowners to higher levels of satisfaction.

Realtors Offer Power by Solving Problems

True entrepreneurial power means you have the ability to energize with self-understanding and insight from the world around you. As you can imagine, these are very powerful aspects to running your small business.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur or has E.P. We're not talking super-human strength we're talking about the discipline it takes to be successful. There are those who are considered hobbyists and those who are true leaders. Which are you? Tell us how you exercise your E.P.?






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