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Starting a Real Estate Business is Hard Work

Updated: Mar 1

4-Tips on How Successful Agents Overcome Being New

Whether you're a realtor or an entrepreneur of some other business, starting out is hard work. Successful agents are always seeking ways to better their chances to buy or sell for clients. However, if you're someone who procrastinates and hardly nurtures your brand, you'll find becoming a professional harder. Here are some tips to help you during your beginning phases.

1.) Plan and Prepare Your Attack

You'd be surprised to find out how many agents complete their classes and obtain a license only to push what they've learned aside for something else. Your success relies on you to have your plan and prepare for an attack on how you'll tackle growth. Good planning is imperative for any entrepreneur.

2.) Use the Method of Scaling Back or Starting from the Top

Perhaps in corporate America, you need to start from the bottom and climb the corporate ladder, but with building your entrepreneurialism, you do just the opposite. Your mind should think 'as if' you've already reached your level of winning and then work backward. When we focus on going from the bottom up, it ultimately will crap you out and make you feel defeat. However, when we look at the place of "I've arrived, so how did I get here?" then you'll be on the track to having a method that will empower you and lead you down the right path.

"Protect the positive space around me. When their negativity is too strong to protect it, I need to walk away." ~ Lori Deschane from Tiny Buddha

Don't Listen to Negativity

3.) Don't Listen to Negativity when Just Starting Out

Too many folks out there have a strict outlook using only negative thoughts where they spread that cancer all over us. Do your best to block out that 'Debbie Downer' and you'll find it a lot easier to start your real estate business.

4.) You Need to be Disciplined to Have Discipline

Lastly, discipline isn't something we all have, you need to work at it. When I first started The Write Boutique I worked 12-14 hours per day prospecting and crafting my products and clients. I punched in early in the morning and wouldn't stop till late at night. Working will always pay off if you stay motivated. Moreover, working hard doing something you love isn't work at all.

I hope you've got your ears percolating and are listening to what I'm saying as starting a business is rewarding regardless of the level of difficulties you'll face. Now get out there and use that license!

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