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Is the Rustic Look for YOU and Your Condo?

Updated: Mar 1

Urban Farmhouse Interior Designing

Urban Farm Style is Sweeping the Nation

If you were to ask any of our interior designer-friends, “What is Urban Farm Styling,” they would most likely reply with “The cutting-edge of home interior designing.” This style includes elements such as natural stone and repurposed wood to subway tiling on backdrops and flooring. However, there’s so much more to the rustic look. However, is it right for you? Take a read through this week’s blog and learn more about the fashionable styling sweeping the nation.

The Palette of Urban Farm Design is Ideal for Almost Any Residence

At first glance, the urban farm style conveys an atmosphere and environment that is warm, weathered, and somewhat chic. You may notice these designs utilize a palette of color that includes subdued shades of neutral browns, grey, white and black. You won’t find monochromatic schemes in the rustic or urban style aesthetics. The tasteful colors will vary and add zest to any kitchen or living space. Color trends within the urban farm style harmonize with mountain or country property. The silver bullet, pink sea salt, and Swiss coffee are inspirational and look fantastic in any room. While there’s more of a touch of natural color with a metropolitan twist, you’ll find designers and do-it-yourselfers will select both light and dark choices to splash in every room.

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Draw Attention to the Room with Multiple Color Choices

Another trend with color in the urban farm is mixing both dark and light or multiple colors. This color trend is especially pleasing in the kitchen areas. When it comes to rustic style, crowd-pleasers would include darker cabinetry on the lower cupboards and lighter on the top. The reason for this look would be to draw more attention and create interest in the room. You’ll also find shelving exposing your dish collection taking the place of traditional upper cupboards. Color and material all create a soothing atmosphere and comfortable living environment.

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Metal, Stone, Wood Take Center Stage

A variety of materials and finishes are also evident in the Urban Farm interior design. Stainless steel appliances with a backdrop of brick or subway tiling and countertops made of wood or concrete may be commonly found. You'll also find trinkets, antiques, and recycled material in a variety of stores, boutiques, and markets. You’ll also find metals such as copper, bronze and silver to play nicely as accent pieces. While some of you may not enjoy the look of wood, this is yet another commonly found element in the farm decor genre.

Wooden Features Provide Character to the Urban Trends

Wood is a favored piece in just about any home. While many homeowners enjoy tile, wooden flooring seems to be suitable for this urban trend. Engineered bamboo is a popular alternative for those looking to save on cost. However, you’ll find engineered wood in darker coloring to be among the most popular for an industrial character. Although darker colors seem to be the way people are leaning, antique birch, and hickory are excellent alternatives.

Real Estate Marketing Trends include Big Kitchens

Another attribute to a cool farmhouse is the open floor concept. In the show “Fixer Upper,” you’ll hear the term repeatedly, while Joanna Gaines is a master interior designer who pioneers this fresh recycling. If you’ve been contemplating a renovation in your luxury condominium and would like ideas, you’ll find Mrs. Gaines to be full of inspiration. However, the open floor concept isn’t new. Open floor plans can be found throughout the nation's housing and is a highly sought-after concept. The style avoids things like cabinetry and walls to close in or separate the spaces. Instead, this design requires eliminating. (providing they’re not load-bearing). Many of our contemporary listings will include somewhat of an open floor plan allowing a ton of natural light and space where you can cook and entertain at the same time. The latter seems to be more of a reason for selecting the open concepts. You may find the formal dining room, kitchen, and living space to all connect, allowing you and your family and friends to enjoy the mood altogether. Overall, think of these areas of your home, giving off a comfy vibe. Do you get the picture?

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Lighting is Both Functional and Adds Character

Next, lighting is key to showing off that urban styling. The sky is the limit with this functional décor. Old jars, industrial pendant lights, and contemporary metal help shimmer and shine in each room. Chandeliers may also include bronze or burnished metal candlesticks which create a piece of art adding to the room’s character. Visit some of the local estate buyers, to find some real treasures.

Places such as The Pottery Barn, Pinterest, and The Home Depot can help you do it yourself if you’re looking to create personal space. One thing seemingly favorite about this type of design is you can mix and match with eclectic choices. The possibilities are endless from the foyer to the backyard. With so many options, we think this choice of interior décor and design will be a favorite for years to come.

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